Graphic & Web Design

Hi, my name is

Kane Villeneuve

I’m a graphic artist and web designer based in Calgary. I work with a variety of clients to develop their branding and help bring their vision to life. By engaging in new and challenging projects, I enhance my expertise and embrace the ever-expanding world of technology and media. Let me help you with your next project.

Graphic Design

I use the Adobe CC suite to find creative solutions to visual problems. Whether it’s a logo, website, or ad creative, good design is about striking a balance between aesthetics and function.


Using Maya and Zbrush I create and animate emotive characters, scenes, or graphic assets for all forms of media, including advertising, entertainment, or e-learning.

Video Production

Whether it’s a music video, commercial ad, or business promotion, I’m always eager to capture those critical shots that tell exactly the story you were looking to tell.